The VREV suite offers a variety of exciting and innovative game-play modes, fitness tools, and an immersive social environment.

Universal 3rd Party Video-Game Connectivity: VREV connects to major game platforms including Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. A vast library of pre-existing can be "fitness enabled" and played in an entirely new way.

Complete Fitness and Social Networking Platform: In addition to 3rd parts games, players can play proprietary VREV fitness games, share real life rides, connect with virtual fitness instructors, and travel the VR enabled VREV world, an immersive social environment where players can chat, ride, or learn.

Competitive Leagues, Cash Prizes, and Betting Enablement: VREV takes Esports to an entirely new level hosting a competitive gaming league. Game performance requires a combination of physical fitness and mental/physical agility. Players can log into sporting events and compete solo or as teams for cash prizes. VREV users can also bet on outcomes as event spectators.


Interested in our technology? Connect via Skype or stop by our studio and try out our VREV controller. Rally race through back-roads, pilot through dogfights, or run your way through a Fortnite battle using our fitness enabled VREV spin bike!